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    • This is your first step in creating your custom cabinetry. Owner and master craftsman, Derek Johnson will help shape your visions and make your ideas a reality.

    • Derek Johnson will now visit your job and measure for your new custom cabinetry. Our designers will next present you with your own state-of-the-art 3D blue prints.

    • The next step is handcrafting your custom cabinetry. After your blue prints are approved, our craftsmen start the manufacturing process for your new Johnson's Cabinetry & Flooring custom cabinetry.

    Top Quality Cabinetry

    A Jacksonville Master Carpenter, Johnson's Cabinetry & Flooring has served St. John’s County and the surrounding area, including Jacksonville and St. Augustine, since 2000. Unlike other Cabinet companies and installers of custom cabinets, our process focuses on the individual. Our craftsmen are individually specialized in numerous woodworking practices. We believe in quality service the first time and every time. When you ask Jacksonville custom cabinet company, Johnson's Cabinetry & Flooring to do a job for you then you can rest assured that you will get what you pay for and at a competitive price. Why use Johnson’s Cabinetry & Flooring for your project?
    • We only use the finest material and custom finishes
    • Every custom cabinet is built from scratch to order
    • We don’t charge extra for "non-standard" size cabinets
    • We only use the manufacture BLUM for our drawer guides and hinges
    • We offer custom handcrafted and modular cabinetry
    • Most importantly, we are a passionate, honest and reliable cabinet company
    And cabinetry is just a fraction of what Jacksonville cabinetry does. We also perform:

    Our Services

    • Handcrafted Custom Cabinetry
    • Semi-Custom Cabinets
    • Entertainment Centers
    • Closets & Storage Systems
    • Custom Bars & Offices
    • Custom Fireplace Surrounds
    • Home Theatre Design
    • Wood & Stone Flooring
    • And Much More

    Please look at the rest of our website to see just how versatile Johnson's Cabinetry & Flooring in Jacksonville is.