Johnson's Cabinetry & Flooring: Step-by-Step Process

You might be wondering how we build custom cabinets. The steps below, which we simply call The Process, lead to the installation of custom cabinetry that’ll be a centerpiece of your home.

  • Initial Consultation
  • Custom Cabinet Design
  • Hand Crafted Custom Cabinets
  • Custom Cabinet Installation

Initial Consultation

This is your first step in creating your new custom cabinetry by Johnson’s Cabinetry & Flooring. Owner and master craftsman, Derek Johnson will help shape your visions and make your ideas a reality. Each project starts with a convenient conversation over the phone. From there, we visit you to get a sense of your home. If you are building a new home then you will come visit our showroom where here we can review and discuss your blue prints.

During our phone conversation we recommend that you bring in any ideas you may have for the project you wish Johnson’s cabinetry & Flooring to create for you. These ideas can be pictures of magazines, emailed links and photos on your laptop or smart phone. Bring in as much information as you can but don’t worry if you don’t have anything to start with. Our team of designers and craftsman will help guide you in the right direction. At Johnson’s cabinetry & Flooring, "if you can dream it, we can design and create it".

Custom Cabinet Design

If you are looking for the individual designer attention your project deserves then Anastasia Island cabinet company, Johnson's Cabinetry & Flooring can get the job done, quickly and efficiently. Once you have had your initial consultation we then take precise measurements onsite. At this time owner Derek Johnson makes a point to meet with all other trades involved with your project so that it stays on time and budget from start to finish. At Johnson’s Cabinetry & Flooring we use Cabinet Vision and Auto-Cad 3D computer software to create a rendering of how the cabinetry, based on the dimensions of your home, will look when it’s complete. This detailed rendering can illustrate different colors, wood finishes, profiles, wall and floor colors and appliances. This is very important because with these powerful design tools we can create your dream cabinetry space before it is actually built. At Johnson's Cabinetry & Flooring your cabinet design possibilities are endless.

Hand Crafted Custom Cabinets

Before building your Hand Crafted Custom Cabinetry in our facility, our engineers put together a “project build binder”. This binder will include all 3D drawings, onsite measurements, detail Auto-Cad drawings, Computer generated cut lists for all doors parts, drawer parts, panel processing, hardwood processing, molding list and a complete list of job notes. These notes will include room numbers, colors and wood types for each room along with hardware that will be used. At Johnson's Cabinetry & Flooring we take a lot of pride in preparing our customers job before it hits the production floor. This detailed information we give our craftsmen helps keep your project on schedule, eliminates errors and keeps job cost down.

Now that your projects build binder has been approved and your custom cabinetry is in production our professional staff will start building your components from raw wood. Your job will move through our shop from one department to another until everything is cut, molded, processed, drilled and sanded as per specifications on your project build binder. Once this is done all your components will head to the finishing department where your custom finish is applied.

At Johnson's Cabinetry & Flooring we believe one of the most important parts that make a custom cabinet truly a handcrafted custom cabinet is the quality finish it receives. This is why we have invested timeless hours in research and development to achieve the best finish possible for our customers. We use conversion varnish for all our cabinet top coat applications because it is the most durable and beautiful top coat to protect your new hand crafted custom cabinet. Our master finisher can create any custom color your desire or can match any sample you bring to us.

Here is a list of the standard finishes available at Johnson's Cabinetry & Flooring:

  • Distressed finish on paint and stain
  • Painted brushed glaze finish
  • Rub-through edges
  • Vintage glazes
  • Standard stain and paint
  • Our standard sheen is dull-rub (low gloss)

Custom Cabinet Installation

From day one, the first thing you might notice is that we’re clean. Our professional installers clean up any debris as they work on a project, and don’t leave each day until your home is as clean as they found it. If you are remodelling your home and living in it at the same time then it’s very important to Johnson's Cabinetry & Flooring that your home stay a home and not a work place. Our installers take the time to cover work areas with protective blankets and cover personal belonging with plastic covering if needed. Our installers will also make as many cuts as possible outside of your home under our covered work tent. When it comes to the quality and experience of our installers rest assure that you’re in good hands. All of our installers have been trained in our shop fabricating and assembling cabinets before they can install then onsite. Our shop training makes us more efficient than our competitors so there are rarely delays. Our goal at Johnson’s Cabinetry & Flooring is to leave a long lasting impression of true quality and professionalism.


Johnson's Cabinetry & Flooring employs many types of craftsmen in Anastasia Island. With such an extensive amount of expertise we can do almost anything you can think of if it involves hardwood. And our expertise is even broader than that!

If you would like to have more light in your life then call a Anastasia Island woodworking specialist today.

As fellow Anastasia Island community members we understand that everyone has a different budget for their projects. If it is preferable for our customer’s budget we have semi-custom modular cabinetry available in several competitive price points. If our customers are looking for an original look that they cannot find anywhere else we can create or supply cabinetry to fit the theme they wish the room to have.